We provide comprehensive, personalized, quality services to professionals, the community, parents and children.


Early in their life children with diverse need, their family and community receive the help they need.


Children with diverse need reach their full potential, are ready to learn and share in family and community life through responsive, quality services and support.


We pride ourselves on our highly qualified and caring Educators at Early Learning. Bringing together a team of certified early childhood education specialists, our Educators are dedicated to and passionate about providing your child with the best start in life.

Our Story

At Alphabet Childcare Foundation, supporting children’s independence, creativity and individuality is at the heart of our philosophy. Committed to encouraging children to engage in interest-led learning, we embrace a play-based approach which empowers them to see the world through a bright lens of possibility. 

We are passionate about the role we play in the lives of the children in our care and combine our strong curriculum with a safe, stimulating environment to enjoy meaningful experiences every day. 

Our team of Educators are passionate about creating a space where inquisitive young minds can grow, helping them to develop a range of skills – from numeracy and literacy to creative thinking and problem-solving – to prepare them for the next stage in their educational journey.


Support learning through play, creative opportunities and exceptional educational experiences. Build community connections and relationships that are both genuine and respectful. Celebrate moments, milestone and every little victory through a shared spirit of generosity.


At Alphabet Childcare Foundation, we are committed to forming genuine, nurturing relationships with your child, and focus on their unique interests and learning styles to support their development in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable for them. We are proud to accompany children on their adventures as they learn more about the world around them and their place within it, and strive to optimize their development during their time with us.

We understand that every child learns at their own pace and have carefully curated a curriculum which is flexible to accommodating your child’s changing needs. Inspired by the educational philosophies of Reggio Emilia, Alphabet Childcare Foundation approach focuses on empowering children to express themselves through the hundred languages that they possess. With communication, sustainability and wellbeing at the heart of all that we do, we encourage your child’s ability to wonder and inquire. Passionate about the important roles imagination and discovery play in early childhood learning, we believe that through an exploration of creative expression children can immerse all their senses in a voyage of joyous self-discovery.



All the moments in a young child’s day matter and we ensure each and every one spent in our care is filled with love. Specially designed with a range of safety features and age-appropriate activities, our nursery is a place where your baby can freely learn about the world in a cosy, safe environment.


We know that big changes happen during this time and our team of Educators welcome each toddler with open arms and patience—one wobbly step at a time. With your input, we give toddlers a safe environment to explore and learn at their own pace.


In the years before school, children grow rapidly in their understanding of the world and their place in it. With a nurturing focus on your child's wellbeing, our School Readiness Program provides your child with a range of learning opportunities involving nature, literacy, numeracy, emotional development, confidence building, social engagement and more.


We understand that the kindergarten years are critical in preparing your child for a lifetime of learning. Communicating with you every step of the way, we take special care in creating a comfortable learning space where children can explore and experiment through interest-led play.


We have expanded our offerings to include Vacation Care in addition to Out of School Care (before & after school) to provide families with older siblings a safe, supportive center that conveniently caters for all ages.


We provide a wide range of services to support children on their learning journey, all that we ask is that your children bring along their own sheets for the day.


Our enrolment specialist will ensure your journey with Alphabet Childcare Foundation is seamless.

You are invited to express interest online with the link.

All families are invited to tour the centre and meet our amazing educators and see our beautiful fully resourced centre.

On confirmation of enrolment, your child will attend the centre to participate in our three-stage orientation process to assist with settling you and your child into our centre’s care. 

With communication at the centre of all that we do, we ensure families are kept up to date via our own app. Once you start at the centre and sign up to our app, we will be in touch throughout the time your child is in our care with photos, nappy changes, meal updates and more so that you can check in at any time or share special photos with family and friends. 

Book a tour

Come and explore your child’s home away from home. It takes a village to raise Alberta’s future leaders, creatives, teachers, doctors, ballerinas, astronauts and more. We invite you to bring your little one along and join us at our Alphabet Childcare Foundation centers for a tour. At this tour, you will hear from our passionate early childhood Educators on how our play-based programs create opportunities for children to explore, investigate, discover and be active participants in their learning.